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Our Company

Our company was founded in 1992 as a small family business. Our original store at (H-6726 Szeged Vedres u. 13.) continues to serve clients who have been coming to us for the past two decades. We opened our flagship store at (H-6725 Szeged Petőfi S. sgt. 83/a) in 2009. and we have already reached capacity. Since location is everything in a retail business, we are continually searching for new locations that meet our business criteria.
Our business strategy has been one of cautious approach, listening to our clients to ensure we carry the right products and operating on a solid financial basis, ensuring that our operation is financially stable even under economic downturns. The strategy has worked in our favour, meeting our strategic goals and objectives throughout the years.
As a family enterprise, the treatment of our staff and their commitment and dedication to the business is a key element to our success. They comprise our extended family and with their upbeat and client-oriented attitude, they continue to draw both new and existing clients to our retail outlets.

Our Retail Business

In our stores we sell a variety of pets such as birds, sea creatures including turtles, unique fish varieties for aquariums, etc. We also carry small mammals such as mice and a select variety of reptiles.
We carry a full range of accessories for pets and aquariums as well as pet supplies including well-known brand name food and supplements. If we do not have a particular item in our store, we will obtain it for the client in the shortest possible time. This is part of our overall service to each one of our valued clients, a service we continue to provide long after a sale is completed. As a family-oriented business, our clients, satisfaction and their repeat business is important to us and to our long-standing success.
Part of our service is the professional advice we provide our clients which can range from basic information on keeping their animals safe and healthy, as well as general pet care. We ensure that the pets we sell our clients are maintained in a healthy and well-kept environment and that their continued well being is maintained in their permanent homes. Pets bring comfort and delight to children and adults alike and are the catalyst for many people s well being and sense of fulfillment.
Our specialty is in fresh and saltwater aquariums and terrariums. We specialize in their complete interior set-up, the selection of compatible species, and provide a full range of filtration systems for water filtering and cleaning.
We assemble aquariums for both commercial and residential use and will customize each aquarium to meet the clients needs and preferences. As part of our post-sale service, we offer aquarium maintenance, upgrades and removals.

Our Wholesale Business

We import small marine creatures from around the world, including Bali, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Netherlands, etc. We also import supplies and accessories from well know trade names and are distributors to other retailers for many of these supplies. Through conferences and trade shows, we have built a network of wholesale manufacturers and distributors to provide us the variety and quality of merchandise we seek to maintain at our own locations and which we distribute across Hungary to other retailers. Our selection is constantly changing as we strive to provide both our own retail customers and our wholesale distribution customers with a wide range of merchandise.

We recommend our Internet based webshop to all our customers including those who cannot shop in person or would like the convenience of ordering through the comfort of their own home. Please come and visit us at our two locations at (H-6726 Szeged Vedres u. 13. and H-6725 Szeged Petőfi S. sgt. 83/a) or at our website or on Facebook at ( and Facebook: You can also contact us at +(36) 62/435-996